Monday, July 9, 2012

Super Easy Image Transfer Method

If you are like me, you love all the cute paintings and designs you see on the web but they never seem to turn out the way you imagined them too.  Or you might just not be that confident in your drawing ability.  Well then this is definitely for you!

Here is an easy way to transfer an image you print from your computer onto pretty much any surface.

All you need is: a sharpened pencil, scissors, tape, and your computer image.

First, trace over the print image with your pencil.  The more completely you cover the black lines, the better the transfer will work.

Then, tape your image face down onto whatever surface you want to transfer it to (I am using a canvas board).  I think that it is best to cut out your image so you can see exactly where it is going on your surface, but that step is optional.

Now, trace over your image again from the back side.  The pressure from this second tracing will transfer the pencil markings from the first onto your surface.

After you take the paper off, you may still need to go back and darken/fill in some of the lines.  This is also a great time to add onto your image and make it your own.  In the example above I added all of the dots along the truck and leaves of the tree.  So this is also a great way to get a basic shape on canvas to work and create from.

NOTE: You can also do this transfer in reverse, by tracing over the back first and the front second, if you do not want it to be mirror image.

I hope you can you this tip, enjoy!

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