Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jewelry Design: Silversmithing

The last couple weeks in my jewelry class I have been working on silversmithing.  Basically, we use a torch to solder the pieces of silver together to make the different pieces of jewelry.

This is the ring I made, we had a long piece of silver that we cut and shaped into the actual ring portion, then we attached the bezel cup and later put in the stone.

This bracelet is made out of the same type of silver, and assembled much the same way just on a much larger scale.

I shaped the loop of this pendent, again out of the same silver, and then soldered it to the back of the bezel cup.

These earrings are my favorite out this set.  I just drew out a pattern on a piece of paper and shaped the silver to match it and attached the bezel cups for the stones to the inside of the design.  All the other pieces we all had to pretty much do the same, but I loved getting to be more creative with these!

I hope you like these, and soon I will have more fun to share from my class!

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